Julep Salon & social club

What do you think of when someone says “art deco”? I think of fancy rounded architecture illuminated with orange light, gold trimmed angular shapes, and 50s luxury. I surely didn’t ever think “hair salon”. This changed when Natalie Cox (Owner of Julep Salon & Social Club) came to me with a request for what would be her new hair salon. Natalie loves the 50s style, and wanted this to be the core of her salon’s branding.



A Mint Julep is an alcoholic cocktail popularized in the 50s. Natalie was inspired by this drink when naming her salon, and its inspirations didn’t stop there. Since the Mint Julep had a big part in naming the salon, I thought it definitely should play a part in the logo. As you’ll see further down the page, the mint icon plays an integral part in the branding and ensuring cohesion throughout various brand applications.



When starting to look for inspiration, I came across many different patterns of intricate line work with a gold finish. I was inspired by this line work and would end up using it in my final design. I realized from this that I was going to need to balance a luxurious art deco style with a “cute” hair salon style, which would prove to be difficult but rewarding in the end.


the process

As I embarked on the logo iteration process, I quickly realized I wanted to work with a grid in some form. The reason? Well I knew I didn’t want to do something basic like having a pair of scissors or a hair brush for the logo, I wanted to show hair. The problem with this is that making a punchy logo with something as organic as hair would be difficult. The solution would be to use a grid to make a more iconographic logo which would suite the brand well.


the outcome

After going back and forth between sketching, using Adobe Illustrator, and gathering inspiration from the internet and my surroundings (and watching The Great Gatsby a few too many times) I finally came upon something I really liked. I made three variations of the logo for the different applications, because the primary logo is quite intricate. There is a somewhat simplified secondary logo to be used on supporting signage and collateral, and a further simplified version for use on smaller objects like a business card, or where there is little room.

Because of the meaning behind the salon’s name, I knew I needed to use mint leaves in this design. Having them in the women’s hair was a great solution to implement the Mint Julep meaning into the hair salon logo.

Overall this was a really fun project to work on. Balancing the art deco theme with the cuter hair salon style was a really fun challenge, and I know Natalie was pleased with the results.

I had no idea or where to start, in meeting Zach he asked all the right questions and helped me fill in the answer! It was great working with someone so creative and thoughtful, he took the time to get to know me and what made me stand out, which allowed him to come up with the perfect logo, really on the first try. After we opened The salon he’s been amazing at keeping me on track with building my brand through social media and brochures for reaching a local audience.
— Natalie Cox, Owner Operator Julep Salon & Social Club