integral dental

Modern. Sleek. Playful. These are the words that powered the branding project for Integral Dental, a new dental office opening in Winnipeg Manitoba, hoping to be the leader in Winnipeg for the treatment of TMD and orofacial pain. They wanted their new dental venture to be a modern and attractive office, reflecting their new state of the art imaging technology in the office.



Inspiration mainly came for modern architecture and interior design. Because the brief was to have a modern dental office design, I immediately started thinking about the angular shapes and sleek design you can find within large cities. Also, I thought about the dark grey tones and soft rounded edges found in modern interior design. These inspirations both find their place in the final brand.



Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of shapes that can represent a dental office. A tooth was going to have to be what I used if I wanted the logo to be fairly representative of the shop, a more literal take on the brand. The problem with this is that you can’t really do a whole lot to break up that shape, as a broken tooth is not exactly what you want for a dental office logo.


the outcome

After a few rounds of feedback and iteration, we landed on this logo. Integrating the tooth icon into the store name (replacing the ‘N’ in Integral) seemed the perfect solution to the brief. Implementing a representative icon while not being too tacky, keeping that modern look and feel of the Futura font, and keeping it simple proved to be a successful combo. A cool, refreshing gradient was added to the tooth icon to bring in that friendly aspect and add a theme to the brand that would carry through to other branded elements.


and beyond

A while after the completion of this project, the office decor was amped up with addition of many glass elements. Inspired from the gradient within the tooth, the glass decor within the dental office was fully enveloped with a blue-purple gradient. It was great to see this design element embraced by Integral Dental, and shows the impact a simple design solution can have even beyond the initial creation.

Quote is on it’s way!