good marketers group brandmark

Charity is great, wouldn’t you agree? Fortunately for me I got to work for a company that helped charities raise lots of money so they can do more of what makes them amazing. This company was Good Marketers Group, an apprenticeship program that worked with two other companies (Frontier Marketing and Charity Electric) to help with marketing for charities. During this enriching opportunity, I was given the task of creating a brandmark for the program outside of their existing wordmark.


previous branding

The Good Marketers Group brand is simple and clean. The playful yet sleek and professional strokes of Sophia Pro (the font used for the wordmark) lend itself perfectly for an approachable and fun internship program. This, along with the bold yet not so ‘in your face’ red makes for a good brand. This was great, but they soon realized something was missing. That thing, as you probably already know from reading the intro, is an icon/brandmark. Something to say what they need to be said without spelling it out every time. With my brief in place, it was off to the races for what would end up being a very interesting challenge.



When looking for inspiration, I found myself coming back to the famous Aaron Draplin for his circular logo design video, and other circular style designs. I liked these because of how compact they are and how efficient they are with space. In the end I varied from these direct styles, but I think it’s important to mention where my inspirations came from when working on this project.


the process

This icon ended up taking a lot more iteration than previously anticipated. I came up with many different versions of the icon but ended back at the drawing table every time. Why? Well I’m glad you asked! It turns out the letters ‘G’, ‘M’, and ‘G’ are quite tricky to bland together smoothly, due to their wide shape and stems in the ‘G’ characters. This made for a difficult but fun challenge in blending these shapes in a way that was visually attractive but also where the letters are distinguishable.


the outcome

Boom! The GMG icon in its final form, isn’t it great? Boasting aside, this was a really fun project to work on. The difficult letter shapes along with the meaning behind Good Marketers Group made me think about this a lot before the final was approved and the project was marked as complete.

My final icon was actually almost an accident. I stumbled across this font called Joschmi, which had these bold even strokes and was quite geometric. I started playing with the shapes of the typeface and combining the three letters, and came up with this. A clean, minimal, formal yet a little but playful, and bold icon that can be used in many different applications across the GMG brand.