balfour arts collective

What do you get when you mix visual art, drama, dance, music, and digital media? Well my previously attended high school Balfour Collegiate answered that with Balfour Arts Collective, a program that combines the arts programs for a pretty awesome collective. When asked to do the branding for them, I jumped on the opportunity to help. What else are Alumni for?



My inspirations for this project were drawn from examples provided by the client which included some art program logos and a home painting logo. they said they wanted something with a brush in it, this would however be taken in a direction more like my second inspiration, the colourful triangular geometric pattern. I liked this because it is quite playful, and could speak for an arts program without targeting fine arts specifically.



I came up with two variations for the logo, a paint brush inspired mark and what would end up being the final logo done up in a way that was suggested early on. The paint brush idea was a good exploration, but wouldn’t work for what they needed in the end.


the final

The final logo! Using the geometric design discovered in my inspiration and research, I made a long form and short form version of Balfour Arts Collective for them to use on various applications.

Shapes within the logo coming together to form letters represent the various programs coming together into one collective. This logo represents creativity in the arts without leaning too heavily on visual arts imagery, something that often is done.

In the end, they were very pleased with the logo and are using it to this day.